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Find out what makes it so desirable!

If you’re the type of person who can’t resist the lure of waterfront living, then floating houses are for you! These luxurious homes offer all the advantages of waterfront living, with none of the drawbacks. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to dock your boat or just a spot to relax and take in the view, floating houses provide it all. Plus, since they’re made from sturdy materials, they’re practically impervious to weathering. So come aboard and experience all that floating houses have to offer!

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What Is The Difference Between Overwater Bungalows
Floating Homes?

Overwater Bungalows

Are accommodations for your vacation.

Floating Homes

Are accommodations for your permanent residence.

The Difference In Detail

Overwater bungalows and Floating homes are two different residential structures. An overwater bungalow is built on top of water for tourist purposes such as vacations. Floating homes are generally designed for people who hope to permanently reside in the structure. Most overwater bungalows are on stilts while Floating homes are completely floating. When the house is floating on water, it relies upon steel beams to support the structure and pontoons for an underwater foundation. Floating homes can be found in many areas around the world such as Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and places in South America. Overwater bungalows can be found in the Caribbean, French Polynesia and other tropical spots. The difference between a floating house and houseboat is that the former is designed to stay permanently anchored, while the latter can be moved from its anchorage.

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7 Advantages of a floating house

Whether as overwater bungalow for vacations or floating home as your primary residence. Floating houses offer a number of advantages over traditional homes, including easy access to the outdoors, a sense of freedom and special serenity. The following guide will show you 7 advantages:

Being close to nature

Floating houses are an incredible way to get a unique view and stay close to nature. They often have beautiful views of lakes, rivers, or the ocean, and they can also offer additional privacy. Many people choose to build a floating house, because of their desire for sightseeing by water – without being tied down in one place. Floor to ceiling windows are common in this type of house as a way to bring the outside inside. Houses that float usually have outstanding rooftop views of stunning landscapes. Floating homes are a smart choice for those who want to connect with nature, or spend time outdoors. You can enjoy the fresh air with open windows and doors thanks to the variety of large windows. This helps the home feel larger and lets you enjoy views from every area of the house.

Access to water sports

Whether as a vacation accommodation or home, a floating house often comes equipped with a boat house for water sports or jet skis. Some have fishing boats and platforms for sunbathing on the water. They offer views of wildlife across bodies of water and some even contain hot tubs or swimming pools so that you can relax while admiring nature. A floating home is a perfect place to own a boat or just rent one if it’s your first time. Many people enjoy floating on water skis and don’t want to buy an expensive ski boat, but if they have a house that has a jet ski platform or boats in the boathouse, it’s wonderful. Some even have swimming pools on their floating home! Floating houses are also a great place to fish from, especially if the dock is in a lake or river with plenty of fish.

Living away from the noisy city life

Floating houses can be found in rural areas or those less populated. They are a great escape from the noise of cities, but you still have friends or family that live nearby to visit during the weekend. Island homes are perfect for people who love swimming and fishing, and it’s easy to get there by boat. Inspired by those who have always dreamed of living their dream in a tropical climate, many people decide to go for it and build a floating house on the ocean. The water is right there in front of you and a boat is the perfect way to get to any island nearby. Complete privacy is possible because they are hard to see in from the land. This makes it great for people who enjoy tranquility and solitude while living near their friends.

Luxury architecture with floor to ceiling windows

Although they were once a popular choice for the wealthy, floating houses are now in high demand. Some of today’s most sought-after interior designers all around the world offer floating home designs that are sure to please any homeowner. In recent years, these homes have become a popular living option for those who want modern architecture in their home. The modern designer house floats on a lake, pond or other body of water and is built with a range of design options. Bedrooms and living areas have a spacious feel with large floor to ceiling windows to bring in the natural environment around the home. Recent advances in construction technology have allowed the creation of truly unique projects. Floating homes can be luxurious and stylish, while accommodating your desire for privacy. Floating house designs offer a modern, minimalist look that will immediately draw the eye.

Innovative design for every taste

When building a luxury home, it is easy to think that you are stuck with the same design as everyone else if you follow a popular style. However, you have the option of having a unique design concept for your floating home. Modern wood work and superior finishing can make your floating house stand out from the crowd. You can even choose to build multiple levels if you want more space in your home, or create an irregular design that departs from the norm. The structure with the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom on the same level is now a thing of the past. These days, floating homes can come with bedrooms located on different levels. There are also some luxury homes that have multiple floors or simply take up more water than others because they are designed to accommodate different types of vehicles, such as yachts.

Sustainable investment property

A floating house is a great investment. In the past ten years alone, prices of waterfront property have skyrocketed. Even more are eco-friendly as they reduce our carbon footprint by having less impact on the environment. Because they can be built with better insulation than traditional homes, making them more energy efficient and keeping your utility bill lower. In fact, builders of floating houses often have a green building expertise that can be used to make the home as energy efficient as possible. Lakeview homes have proven to increase in value over the last decade, so if property investment is part of your retirement plan, floating houses can be a great way to do it. Features like solar panels can be useful for saving energy like heating water for a warm shower.

A lot activity in less square foot

The single biggest advantage of the floating house is available space for use and living comfort. The architects structure the house in such a way which is quite efficient for utilizing even tiny space. For example the living room, kitchen and dining areas become combined into one room. The living room then becomes a big open space with efficient use of the structure by omitting the walls in between for easy flow of air to add up cool effect inside the house. The bathroom are extra large and luxuriously planned with combination of bathtub, shower and lavatory. The toilet seat is separated as an individual room to give it some privacy but still be part of the open space plan. It comes attached with a built-in closet for storing extra home ware items. Installing a hot tub on your floating house is also a consideration. Combined with solar panels on the roof.

The history of the floating house

It started with the Dutch

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Floating houses have been around for centuries, but they are becoming more popular as the world’s population moves away from coastal cities and seeks a more low-impact lifestyle. Floating homes can be anything from a small structure on a lake to an entire village moored in the center of an ocean or lake. They make up their own category of residential property which has many advantages over traditional housing such as being less expensive to build, environmentally friendly, and potentially increasing in value over time.

The first Floating House was built by Dutch colonists in the 1600s. The house was located on a pond in New York but hurricane Floyd destroyed it in 1999. Floating houses were, however, more prominent in Europe than they were in America. They are extremely popular in Greece where there is an Island just off Athens on which all of the homes are Floating Houses! Floating Houses can be found throughout Scandinavia and many parts of Northern Europe as well. Before Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of America, floating homes had never been verified to withstand such high winds and storms. In fact, one Floating Home did manage to defy nature when Hurricane Irene hit New York State because it managed to stay afloat during the storm!

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Don't Miss Out And Get Inspired

These unique designs have now become very popular and are growing in popularity every day. Floating homes offer a sustainable way to live close to nature without sacrificing modern day comforts. Among all their environmental improvements, we chose these to highlight: reducing your carbon footprint, providing natural life preservers for marine wildlife and fish, reduce maintenance costs, and of course they look beautiful. They are innovative in design and unique because they have the ability to be built on water or land, whichever suits your needs best. An interior architect with a specialized firm can help you to choose the right furniture and designs. The architect can also help you to find the right location, and try to minimize the construction costs.

If you’re interested in something new and different that will upgrade your lifestyle, take a look at our collections of the best overwater bungalows and floating homes!