7 Reasons to
Visit the Beautiful
Overwater Bungalows

aerial view of overwater bungalows in Mauritius

Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean. The overwater bungalows here are some of the most luxurious and sought after accommodations in all of Africa, Asia or Europe. What makes these overwater bungalows so special and what should you expect to see when visiting them? Constance Le Prince Maurice is the only resort having an above-water suite. Although these villas are set at the coastline and not just near the ocean, their design arrangement, interiors are all together so it’s extremely luxurious. Here’s everything you must know before you book your stay in Mauritius.

Read this article for 7 reasons why you should visit overwater bungalows in Mauritius!

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overwater bungalow at constance prince maurice
Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

1. It's as beautiful and luxurious as an overwater bungalow in the Maldives without being overcrowded

Mauritius is often compared to the Maldives. However, overwater bungalows of the island nation are not overcrowded by international tourism and you can find some privacy here. At Constance Le Prince Maurice guests can enjoy their overwater suite so much so that they won’t want to leave it. The overwater bungalows here are just amazing.

What makes Constance Le Prince Maurice’s overwater bungalows stand out? You may take a rest on your private balcony that overlooks the native fish reserve, which is enclosed by natural barriers. As a result, the water beneath you is quiet. They’re spacious, magnificent, and the scenery from the balcony is simply breathtaking!

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prince maurice restaurant pool
Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

2. Mauritius is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean, with warm seas and sandy beaches. It’s a hidden gem that many people haven’t heard about. And that’s good for you because here you will experience one of the best overwater bungalows in Africa. The culture is a blend of African, Indian, and European elements. The 3 restaurants at the Constance Le Prince Maurice can attest to that. The L’Archipel, which has views of the pool and beach, is one of the best places to enjoy Mauritian cuisine. The romantic atmosphere of the floating seafood restaurant Le Barachois is complemented by a wonderful cuisine with fresh fish from the natural fish reserve below.

Mauritius water villa
Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

3. Enjoy stunning views from your room

The overwater bungalows here are divided into two categories: junior suites on stilts and water villas on stilts.

The junior suites on stilts provide 70 square meters of living space with a thatched roof and all of the amenities required to create a luxurious ambiance. All of them have a furnished terrace with a stunning view over the natural fish reserve. They are perfect for romantic couples.

With 130 square meters of living space, the water villas are even more impressive. The bathroom even features a whirlpool bathtub to relax after a day of exploration. You may also unwind on your own balcony, which is positioned over the natural fish reserve and offers views of the tranquil lagoon. They’re excellent if you need more space or wish to bring along more than one loved one.

It’s important to note that it is not allowed to swim in the natural fish reserve if you want to jump from your junior suite or water villa into the cool water, you should better choose accommodation with a private pool instead of overwater bungalows.

4. It's a popular honeymoon destination for couples looking to get away from it all

Mauritius is a wonderful honeymoon destination for those looking to get away from it all. The tropical weather, which provides pleasant, comfortable weather throughout the year, allows you to admire lovely sunsets without having to worry about being chilly and just spells romantic. The warm ambiance and romantic possibilities such as exquisite fine dining and candlelit dinners on quiet beaches allow you to fully enjoy one another’s company.

Constance Le Prince Maurice offers you one of the best honeymoons in Mauritius with lot’s of possibilities like the tailored honeymoon package, a couple massage in the luxurious spa or romantic baths at the beach. You can even take it a step further and say “I do” in one of the resort’s arrangements.

woman snorkeling in Mauritius

5. Mauritius has over 700 different species of plants and animals, including hundreds of distinct types of fish!

The Indian Ocean is one of the most biodiverse marine habitats in the world. The nearby coral reef, tropical fish, and other exotic sea creatures which you can admire while snorkeling or scuba diving off one of Mauritius’s pristine beaches into the azure waters. Over 700 distinct species are just waiting for you to discover. Kayaking is one of the best ways to do that.

If you’re traveling with small children who aren’t old enough to explore or dive, the Constance Kids Club of the Constance Le Prince Maurice resort may keep them occupied.

6. Relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Africa

If you want to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa, you should consider visiting Mauritius. The white, powdery sand which stretches out for miles along the coastline is complemented by clear, turquoise water. You may also plunge into the infinity pool at Constance Le Prince. It’s especially refreshing after spending the day at one of the nearby beaches. Even more refreshing and rejuvenating is the Constance Spa where you can enjoy a variety of treatments.

floating bar constance maurice
Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

7. You'll never get bored because there's always an activity

If you get bored of too much relaxation, there are plenty of available sports. You may also go golfing, windsurfing, or other water sports at the nearby courses or visit the laguna bar at Constance Le Prince Maurice which is just what you need if you’re under the hot Mauritian sun. Enjoying a lovely cocktail while listening to live music is a great way to unwind after a long day.

aerial view of restaurant and overwater bungalows
Image: Constance Hotels and Resorts

The advantages of staying at one of the water villas at Constance Le Prince Maurice

Because Constance Prince Maurice is a fantastic location, the water villas at Constance Prince Maurice are one the finest water villas in the Indian Ocean. The Water Villa or Junior Suite is perfect for those looking to spend a little bit more money on their Mauritius holiday. Although it costs more, the amenities and view are worth every cent.

Fantastic golf courses near your accommodation

There are two 18-hole golf courses nearby at Constance Belle Mare, which is just a 5-minute drive with the free shuttle from Constance Prince Maurice. You may either play a round on the “Legend” or “Links” golf courses, both of which are designed to PGA standards. Making it a paradise for golf players.

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Why You Should book Overwater Bungalows in Mauritius

If you are looking for an overwater bungalow experience without the crowds, Mauritius is your next destination. This island nation has beautiful views from every angle and a wide variety of plant life to explore. It’s also home to many different types of fish that can be found in their natural habitats or on one of the most stunning beaches in all of Africa! Although there are plenty more reasons why this country should be top on your list – if not at the very top – these seven alone will make it worth taking the trip. So what are you waiting for? Add Mauritian Overwater Bungalows to your bucket list today!